Magic T-Shirts® have designs that are black and white indoors and burst into color in the sun. They return to black and white without the sun. Our quality 100% guaranteed Color Change Products are fun to wear and fun to give as gifts!



Magic T-Shirts® change color in the sun. These color change t-shirts feature creative designs that include Magic Dolphins, and other sea life such as, Magic Orcas Whales, Sharks, Fish and Reef Scenes. There are also plenty of designs in Children's T-Shirts, such as Magic Horses, Bugs, Geckos, Frogs, Butterflies and Magic Pirate Shirts. Adults also will enjoy the Magic Tiki Bar, Margarita Parrot and Surf Designs that all change color when exposed to UV rays. Magic T-Shirts® come in over 100 designs and can also be created in custom color change t-shirts with low minimum orders. Sunlight makes the magic happen! Our sun activated Magic T-Shirts® are fun to wear and fun to give as gifts and can be found in quality stores throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

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